I joined a local gym in February.  One of the goals was to make my pants feel less tight.  No specific “goal” in mind, just to feel healthier and comfortable. Everyone always has said working out or even going for a walk makes you feel alive. My response has always been a big eye-roll. I have completed a 5K (doing fairly well) my response after that was, more of yup that is off my bucket list, back to the chips and cookies. In other words, running did not make me feel well – I hated it. Joining a gym was a big step for me.

I broke my shoulder in October and was in PT for a few months.  I found myself not doing my exercises at home. When I joined the gym, I have access to the same tools my therapist used for my shoulder exercises. I feel silly as I lift 10 lbs and get worn out as I look at all the others around me bench pressing heavy weights.  However, when I am done with my reps on the various shoulder muscle groups, I feel good.  I get on the elipical machine for half an hour listening to a good play list and again I start to feel great. If I have time I treat myself to the sauna or steam room just because :)

Endorphins are interesting as I read up about what they can do for me as a person.  They actually BLOCK pain and act as a stimulant similar to an opiate. Not sure I’ve ever been high from a work-out, but I guess that in theory, is what scientists say could happen. In my case, I do end my work-outs feeling better.  My supportive husband encourages me to work-out despite our busy schedule. Maybe it is because I am in a better mood those nights, whatever the case I am grateful. Even on days when I don’t want to get out of my bed, lately I am finding if I can work out at some point during the day I feel like a better person.  I even fit in a work-out during my oldest  son’s baseball practice last week.

This week we have 6 practices between our two boys in five days, church activities, cub scouts, contractors coming for house repairs, and an adult get together.  It makes my anxious just thinking about it. One day at a time…sometimes one hour at a time. I’ll fit in my workout tonight – during cub scouts.