As I sat in the parking lot of the soccer venue last night I listened to a podcast about money management.  I am a CPA. I have been contributing to a retirement fund since day one of employment with a match. My husband and I also have dedicated accounts to save for our cars – whether it is a new car or car repairs. I listen to stories of people with tens of thousands in credit card debt in an endless cycle of  debt. I know I am doing something right.  We all have strengths – money management is one of my biggest strengths.  I am not an investment broker or a financial planner by any stretch, I seek outside advice for each of those specialties, but knowing what to do with your income on an on-going basis is a huge boost.

You may think well la-te-da isn’t she special?  She’s going to be and rich and then die without doing anything fun in her life. Wrong.  I have chosen to live in today. With the money management skills I have I was able to finance the car I wanted with all the fun features. We take annual trips with our boys to expose them to different parts of the country/world. Philanthropy – giving to others makes us feel good. Our situation allows us to do so. Rule of thumb is tithe 10% (typically to churches). I served as a leader on a capital campaign for a new building, a person gave the example of a single woman single who was an accomplished physician.  She held the example of giving to the point it makes a difference and feels good.  This might be more than 10% this may be less than 10%, but to her….more is what felt good and really made a different in others’ lives.

My husband and I are preparing for our 15th anniversary – that is a long time, some may think its not long enough to be taking a “dream vacation” but that is what we want to do.  Look at the chaos around us…there is not a single of us who know when our last day on this earth will be. Accidents happen, illnesses happen, terror, etc. I want to live in the moment. Count each of my blessings and be thankful for what I have.blessings