I am introverted.  I am not selfish. I need space. I need “me-time.” With all the activities, work, family, etc around how many of us need “me-time?”  Me. Sleeping may re-charge some people’s batteries or gathering with friends may re-charge others, not me. There are times I need silence. No stimulation (except nature), no music, no talking, no washing machine, just silence.

My husband is the most loving soul.  When he sees me in this type of zen moment he keeps the kids away. He gives me space. I try to do the same for him. Marriage takes work, part of that is knowing and respecting the tiME of your spouse. I am very proud of my husband for working hard and being selected to present at a conference at the end of June.  He has worked tremendously hard on his presentation and he’ll do well.  This conference is about a week-long half way across the country.  I am not going – that is his time. He can network with his colleagues and build relationships within his field.  During that week my kids will be with my parents (bless their hearts).  That leaves me…almost a whole week of ME tiME! I will still work everyday, but no activities, no expectations, no one to interrupt my thoughts.

What do I do during me time? Sometimes read…most of the time, I sit. I sit or lie still. Stillness, calm, listen to the birds, listen to my breathing. By no means does this happen daily – hah! No! Sometimes I am able to slip away for a few minutes, other times it is when  my husband is taking the kids someplace. The phrase “when mommy ain’t happy, nobody is happy” is so true in many instances. I am a happy person and I like to stay happy.  I like my kids, husband, friends, and colleagues to see me happy.

Benefits of me tiME? I am a completely different – calmer person.  This translates to productivity at work, at home, and in social situations.  As a manager I typically have an open door policy, however, there are times that door needs to be closed and I need to be de-sensitized from the world around me. Adults have sensory overload too, not just our children. If you  feel your blood pressure rising and feel your concentration drifting, shut out the world for ten minutes. No voices, no music, no noise, just me tiME.