This morning I was stopped at a train crossing. I had been running ahead of schedule,  unusual for a Monday. Instead of cursing I found solace in the moments of stillness. Sure I checked my phone as everyone did around me, but I also tapped into the entrepreneurial side of me. I have increased the intensity of studying services I could offer or coordinate with my financial background.

I have never worked in a for profit business.  Questions started swirling in my head about whether to find a partner who might fill that gap.  While on vacation I developed a list of services I could offer. All of them I could do personally, however, bookkeeping is a function I could easily hire an employee to perform. It comes down to the value of my time. I wouldn’t want to start a business unless I enjoyed what I personally would be doing. For me, that is high level financial analysis and planning.

Valuing your time, your expertise, and your resources need to be considered when setting your pricing along with the market and competition.  Reading article after article about pricing services or consultations, a consistent theme rings through, don’t undervalue yourself.  You are worth more that you realize. Or, I am worth more than I think I am. Some articles had formulas using current salary surveys to come up with an hourly or monthly fee.  One of the best suggestions I read was to get your client to say what their budget is.  It may floor you how much they have budgeted for your services.  You can always come down, you can never go up after quoting a price. That is where you hone your negotiation skills.

So why now?  Why kick my ideas into a higher gear to run my own business? This year has been a railroad crossing for me.  I am finally on the other side of the tracks driving on a path that gives me joy in life. I’m happy. I feel the wind in my hair as I look in the rear view mirror taking those experiences to propel me into the future.