Today I sit and write from my home office looking at the change colors of our small forest. Such a beautiful time of year. A time of year with many moving parts. Soccer has ended. For many, winter sports are starting. We prepare ourselves, and with family, and friends for the upcoming holidays and changing weather. In Iowa Yesterday was 80, today for trick-or-treating will be upper 40s and windy. We are flexible.

I think about the privileges I have had growing up and as an adult. I think about the hard work my parents did so that I could have a top-notch education, safe place to live, food on the table each night, and a lot of love. My father is a retired pastor and mom a retired nurse. Between their schedules there were many creative ways of getting my brother and myself to our various activities. My husband and I have many of the same conversations of getting from point A to point B to point C etc.

Starting FinanSynergy made a wave in our schedule – more than a ripple. There have been evenings I need to be out late and some early mornings I need to be out the door early. Fortunately, we identified this ahead of my venture and discussed the potential issues, as a result, our whole family is closer and able to creatively be flexible in our schedules. I want to run a business built on empowering my employees (myself being the first employee). To do such a thing freedom and flexibility is required and supported by all parties. I have two elementary aged boys who are seeing their mother pursue a passion with integrity and determination.

In the process of establishing my business I am still a full-time employee for a company I highly respect. Over all commitments I put the needs of my full-time employer on the same level as the needs of my clients. Flexibility has been required thus far and open communication is required for the balance to maintain. If I want to lead with integrity and dignity I need to also be an employee with integrity and dignity. I would not expect less of myself. Putting everyone on the same page as you are building your business is a serious discussion, but being open and honest in the end with earn respect from all parties.

Surprises come with honesty. Honesty may allow you to become more flexible. Honesty may cause you to jump sooner than expected. Honest shows the world you are a person of character. When I need to change appointments with individuals I am honest about the reason – whether I have been on a wait list to see a specific physician or whether a meeting popped onto my schedule overnight that I need to attend for my full-time employer – honesty and flexibility are the best policies. I am empowering myself, my staff, my family, and all around me to be flexible – it is a tool to make honesty easier.