There has been a lot of discussion of uncertainty in the wake of the election. The markets were up and down and then up again. On Wednesday, I saw the election results, continued to head to a 7am meeting. During that meeting I gave my resignation from my full-time position. I have always worked FOR someone, now FinanSynergy is in its infancy needing its leader to set its path on-ward and up-ward.

Leaving a known source of income to pursue an endeavor of my own breeds uncertainty in my life. As our president-elect moves into this transition period before taking office, I am as well. I never thought I would be comparing myself to Mr. Trump, but there is a distinct parallel—both of us preparing for roles we never thought would happen.

Preparing—how do I prepare for the unknown? I had a plan, my business plan, I just am scaling faster than anticipated. Re-visiting my business plan, it is still solid, but I need to make incremental goals to succeed. I will be taking baby steps (which may become leaps) as I learn my new role and work with my advisors to ensure success. Mr. Trump has his advisors as well. Neither of us know how our new roles will play out—but be assured, our advisors and supporters want us to succeed. If we succeed then our constituents (clients for me) should have success as well.

I laugh as I write this since I never thought I would mention Mr. Trump in one of my blogs—let alone compare myself to him. Emotions are still raw from the election. I think if I didn’t have my business to focus on I would be dwelling on all the negatives, however, the process has made me realize as a citizen of the United States of America—I have just started my own company. As a woman, I am going to break through my uncertainties—my own glass ceiling—to prove to myself anything is possible.