FinanSynergy® collaborates with health care providers to develop and maintain financial strategies to foster growth and stability for their practice.

About FinanSynergy®

FinanSynergy® is a firm committed to guiding health care providers towards sustainability and growth of their practice. Finances are necessary to understanding the components critical to success of a practice. FinanSynergy® understands the complex provider reimbursement process and expense management critical to practice cash flow.

Using mechanisms we have developed we model different scenarios to achieve the owner’s vision. The road is never straight; we help find the most direct or efficient route to get there. FinanSynergy® cannot work alone, we work closely with the owners and leaders to understand and execute the ultimate vision of the practice. With this strategy providers may focus their time on their patients.

Finances tell the story a medical practice. There are five main elements in a story: the setting, the characters, the plot, a conflict, and the resolution. Looking into the heart of a practice all these elements are present. The characters would be the providers and staff. The plot would be told by the revenues and expenses. A conflict may be detected by a loss  on the income statement and a resolution may be a profit or a plan/forecast to get to a profit. FinanSynergy® can work with the owners and leaders to navigate this data in a way that is understandable to non-accountants. With our guidance, owners and leaders may strategically plan for the future of their practice.

About Katie Fergus, CPA, CMPE               

Founder, Health Care Consultant

Katie Fergus is a CPA who has been immersed in accounting and finance issues related to the health care industry for over sixteen years. She specializes in revenue cycle management and provider reimbursement. Katie also scrutinizes medical expenses for cost reduction opportunities. As founder of FinanSynergy®, Katie wants to partner with independent health care providers to make the most of their bottom line.

Health Care Industry Challenges and Opportunities

The health care industry continues to change and morph with different legislative bodies. Staying current on regulations impacting a provider practices is time consuming.  Katie’s team keeps current on national and state legislation impacting today’s health care environment. FinanSynergy® will collaborate with you to build a strategic plan which is agile enough for the changing scene. We will forecast based on your current operations then layer on strategic initiatives you may want to pursue. You have a trusted partner with FinanSynergy®.

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