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Healthy Paws Savings Plans

It’s exciting to announce our new, exclusive “Southern Hills Healthy Paws Savings Plans”. Our health savings plans were developed with the desire to provide our pets and pet parents with more than just a discount on vaccines. “Southern Hills Healthy Paws Savings Plans” are designed to provide the comprehensive care your pet will need based […] [...]

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Seasoned Businesses – #Healthcare

There are four seasons in a year, correct? Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Or are there only two or three? Busy season, low season, Moderately busy? I'm sure you know how this goes. As an accountant, I always receive words of sympathy from people during tax season, although I do not nor have never done [...]

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Independence Born to a Company

The Fourth of July holiday is now behind us.  What do we know about our history?  In June 1776 representatives from our thirteen original United States' colonies mulled over the notion of declaring their independence from the mother ship Great Britain. On July second 1776 the Continental Congress voted in favor of declaring their independence [...]

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I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough…

Clients, colleagues, friends, family, all people you come into contact with will judge you. First impressions are critical. You might dress nice or drive a nice car, but that is not what people are judging. Stand-up straight, smile, and give a firm handshake.  Practice walking with books on your head - good posture.  Don't slouch...wait [...]

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Women in Small Business

Going through the motions of creating a business plan is an incredible journey. I am a very methodical person by nature as an accountant.  However, I am tapping into my right side of my brain for creative innovation to find a niche in the vast market of small businesses and nonprofits I want to serve. [...]

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According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, transplant is a verb which means " to remove from one place or context and settle or introduce elsewhere." I spent part of this beautiful weekend taking tufts of ornamental grasses that had popped up in random places and transplanting them to a different part of the landscaping that was bare. [...]

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Me TiME.

I am introverted.  I am not selfish. I need space. I need "me-time." With all the activities, work, family, etc around how many of us need "me-time?"  Me. Sleeping may re-charge some people's batteries or gathering with friends may re-charge others, not me. There are times I need silence. No stimulation (except nature), no music, [...]

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Who is Patient Zero in Your Office?

Last week was rough.  Many deadlines, many ball games and practices for kids, and I was sick. How many employers say "don't come to work if you are sick!" I work in the healthcare industry so of course they don't want sick people around patients.  I am in a completely separate office building doing all [...]

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

"Keep your eye on the ball" has been repeated numerous times as I sit here at my nine-year old's baseball game. This phrase is applicable in every walk of life. Babies learning to grab objects need to concentrate on the object they are trying to lift. Musicians need to watch their director to make a [...]

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