Small Business – Strategy Team

Does your business ever feel held back by circumstances around you or the industry? You have a passion for what you do, you do it well, you might even have a faithful customer base.  But, there is something in you that wants to share your talent on a broader scale. Get new patients in or [...]

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Collections – the Good the Bad the Ugly

In my past life I spent 7 years managing patient accounts for a growing healthcare agency. During that time due to rising healthcare premium costs families started choosing higher and higher deductible plans and plans with higher and higher out-of-pocket expenses.  Also the agency service the pediatric population and they had the state of mind [...]

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Seasoned Businesses – #Healthcare

There are four seasons in a year, correct? Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Or are there only two or three? Busy season, low season, Moderately busy? I'm sure you know how this goes. As an accountant, I always receive words of sympathy from people during tax season, although I do not nor have never done [...]

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