Project Planning

At FinanSynergy®, we operate as key decision makers to collaborate and define the scope of your project. The first step in project planning is documenting your current financial position, including income statements and balance sheets, to forecast the growth and return on investment projected from the project. Based on the overall scope of your project, we work with you to define financial assumptions and evaluate if there will need to be any increased expenses to fulfill the project expectations and deadlines.

Project planning tasks outlined:

  • Define the scope of the project
  • Define your current financial situation
  • Evaluate how much growth in service will be provided from the project
  • Evaluate income statements and balance sheets
  • Create Pro-Forma financial statements
  • Modify long range financial plans that coordinate with the project’s timeline
  • Provide support for key decision makers with information and data to make an informed decision

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*Cost for project services will be quoted based on size and scope of project