Me TiME.

I am introverted.  I am not selfish. I need space. I need "me-time." With all the activities, work, family, etc around how many of us need "me-time?"  Me. Sleeping may re-charge some people's batteries or gathering with friends may re-charge others, not me. There are times I need silence. No stimulation (except nature), no music, [...]

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Who is Patient Zero in Your Office?

Last week was rough.  Many deadlines, many ball games and practices for kids, and I was sick. How many employers say "don't come to work if you are sick!" I work in the healthcare industry so of course they don't want sick people around patients.  I am in a completely separate office building doing all [...]

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

"Keep your eye on the ball" has been repeated numerous times as I sit here at my nine-year old's baseball game. This phrase is applicable in every walk of life. Babies learning to grab objects need to concentrate on the object they are trying to lift. Musicians need to watch their director to make a [...]

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Railroad Crossing

This morning I was stopped at a train crossing. I had been running ahead of schedule,  unusual for a Monday. Instead of cursing I found solace in the moments of stillness. Sure I checked my phone as everyone did around me, but I also tapped into the entrepreneurial side of me. I have increased the [...]

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Train Up

Over the years I have been through many classes on management strategy.  Human resources, financial management, physical and intellectual property management, and marketing just to name a few. Of course, on that list financial management has always been my strength and my stronghold. However, our most important resources are our employees.  This includes ourselves. A [...]

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