What makes someone want to own their own business?  I have often thought about using my skills as a CPA to do just that. However, I am not a tax accountant or really an auditor. I have audited non-profit organizations and obviously have done my taxes, but I wouldn’t put myself out there to do that for others. In fact I have only worked in the not-for-profit sector and I think the thought of making a profit off  non-profits has always deterred me.

What am I good at and what do I enjoy? Analysis. Figuring out what is working what is not and why. Now I see this through the eyes of a CPA not customer satisfaction. What works and what doesn’t to me means what is making money or what is losing money but allows  an organization to grow other more profitable areas?

I don’t have a product to offer (although I have an idea for a fashion line that would probably go out of fashion by the time I found someone willing to design it). I have me. I really love my job planning long range projects and financial forecasting for a major hospital system in my state and would love to do that for any non-profit that has a vision of growth.

Why am I afraid? I have always hung my hat on the fact that I am a CPA, my skills are transferable no matter where I go or what my situation may be. I know the tax code. I can do taxes, yes, do I want to, no. I want to analyze. I want to work with people to improve what they do.  I want freedom.

What is the market for self-declared CFOs who wants to do financial analysis for smaller companies (specifically non-profits)?  I’m not going to quit my day job, but need to seriously think about me as my boss. Am I able I to hold myself accountable?  There are so many little non-profits that have great missions but fail due to finances. I want to make an impact. I want to help those ideas come to fruition. I’m not ready to jump off the cliff yet, but willing to test the ropes and see if they are strong enough to hold me up.