Collections – the Good the Bad the Ugly

In my past life I spent 7 years managing patient accounts for a growing healthcare agency. During that time due to rising healthcare premium costs families started choosing higher and higher deductible plans and plans with higher and higher out-of-pocket expenses.  Also the agency service the pediatric population and they had the state of mind [...]

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Healthy Paws Savings Plans

It’s exciting to announce our new, exclusive “Southern Hills Healthy Paws Savings Plans”. Our health savings plans were developed with the desire to provide our pets and pet parents with more than just a discount on vaccines. “Southern Hills Healthy Paws Savings Plans” are designed to provide the comprehensive care your pet will need based […] [...]

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Seasoned Businesses – #Healthcare

There are four seasons in a year, correct? Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Or are there only two or three? Busy season, low season, Moderately busy? I'm sure you know how this goes. As an accountant, I always receive words of sympathy from people during tax season, although I do not nor have never done [...]

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Independence Born to a Company

The Fourth of July holiday is now behind us.  What do we know about our history?  In June 1776 representatives from our thirteen original United States' colonies mulled over the notion of declaring their independence from the mother ship Great Britain. On July second 1776 the Continental Congress voted in favor of declaring their independence [...]

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