Small Business – Strategy Team

Does your business ever feel held back by circumstances around you or the industry? You have a passion for what you do, you do it well, you might even have a faithful customer base.  But, there is something in you that wants to share your talent on a broader scale. Get new patients in or [...]

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Passion – Light Your Fire

The journey continues as I build the foundation of my newly founded start-up. I am squarely in the relationship building stage. Other cogs in the machine are already moving, now my turn to move. While networking events are great for the masses…relationships are built in a more intimate, one-on-on setting. I am in the process [...]

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Bleeds…and Psycho Geometrics

Over the past few months I have been laying the foundation of my start-up business.  Research, business coaches and advisors, incubator-type of groups etc.  I have learned about my target market and what they actually need. Most of this came from a) asking my target market personally, or b) asking bankers - who I perceive as [...]

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