What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fair pay? Minimum wage? The pay gap between men and women? What about a profession that is reimbursed derived from political processes trying to keep costs under control? A profession that requires at least eight years before using your skills? Education costs soaring into the hundreds of thousands? Who wants to volunteer for that profession?!?

Every day we trust these people with our lives. Physicians, therapists, nurse practitioners, and many other types of providers willingly accept the terms of government payers to be able to treat sick people. The government is by far the largest payer for health care services in the United States.  However, the methods used in determining reimbursement are replicated by commercial insurance companies across the country.

Payer contracts are thick – wordy and written to favor the commercial insurance payers. Let’s be honest – how many providers actually read these documents before they sign.  If you do read them – do you know how they compare to the others?

FinanSynergy has developed a matrix to compare different payers. Categories include fee schedules, timely filing limits, termination notice requirements, and other key definitions and parts of a contract. We analyze these contracts to determine where opportunities may exist and provide a platform for payers and providers to come together and negotiate details. FinanSynergy provides the negotiating pieces and the time to work out fair pay so providers can use their craft.

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