The Republicans did it, they put out their “repeal” of the Affordable Care Act. Forty-nine days into the Trump administration the American Health Care Act was unveiled. I could launch into rhetoric about how flawed the bill is or how keeping key aspects of the ACA isn’t truly repealing it. Instead, I reflect on a little video I learned in my middle school Civics class.

The proposed American Health Care Act will be tweaked and modified and could be scrapped. Today, as of this blog posting date, the American Health Care Act is only a bill. The bill gets discussed in committee and then voted upon by the House, then the Senate, and finally signed by the president.

My job is to help guide my clients through changes in federal regulations, state regulations, and a changing population. While I might assist my clients to forecast scenarios of different outcomes, I still make it clear the laws in place today are what we must follow. It can take years to change a massive law such as the Affordable Care Act.

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