I graduated from Luther College from a double major in Accounting and Management

[SHOUT OUT to all the Luther Alum around the world!] I entered a fairly common trajectory for an accounting graduate at the time (all documented in my LinkedIn profile – take a look). I took a position with a public accounting firm, I eventually passed the CPA exam, took a job in industry and started working my way up.

So, what DOES an accountant do? Did I do the bookkeeping? Pay the bills? Collect the money?  Actually, not really. However, I had to know how the entire process worked in order to KEEP ORDER. One thing about accountants…we like everything in its place. We have to keep a separation of duties to make sure the person cutting the checks wasn’t also the one making the deposits for the company. There are too many sad stories of employees embezzling money for YEARS from their employers. Accountants help monitor those processes with monthly checks and balances of reconciling accounts, reviewing reports, mini-audits and examining odd items.

You may ask, why does FinanSynergy do BOTH Accounting and Bookkeeping?  The answer is simple. As a CPA – I oversee, but do not touch the day to day operations of my clients. My staff perform the bookkeeping functions and create reports. They also gather data and comparison data to prior years if available for analysis on procedures performed and profitability by provider, by procedure, or however the client would like to see the data and financial information presented monthly, quarterly, etc. The accountants on my team or myself meet monthly or quarterly with our clients to discuss their financial position and explain what it all means. We also explain where we see improvement could be made to help safeguard their assets.

Keeping the doors of our practices open is priority number one. We will advise our clients which bills are critical to pay first (rent, certain medical supplies, drug vendors, etc) and we will get you and keep you on a track to succeed and exceed goals allowing practices move towards our medical financial analysis and financial forecasting services. These strategies are for you. We are not selling you a insurance or investments. We may need to work with those individuals if you ask us to, but we are their for your CORE business finances – once those are completely solid, then – work with us to add services and figure out expenses and revenue on new service lines.

As a Health Care Professional ask yourself – Do you have a Bookkeeper? Do you have someone watching over that bookkeeper such as an accountant? If the answer to either of these questions is NO…CALL me or EMAIL me. Start your July off right. Call Katie Fergus, CPA 515.635.5531 or email katie@finansynergy.com

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