FinanSynergy® collaborates with small businesses to develop and maintain financial strategies to foster growth and stability for their practices.

About Katie Fergus, CPA, CMPE               

Founder, President

Katie Fergus is a CPA who has been immersed in accounting and finance for over twenty years. Specializing in Accounts Receivable Management Katie is able to assist small businesses with cash flow management and financial projections. Katie also scrutinizes expenses for cost reduction opportunities to maximize the bottom lines for clients. Katie is able to create a complete financial picture for small businesses.

Personally, Katie serves her community on the board of directors for Lutheran Services of Iowa and volunteers at school activities for her sons ages 13 and 11. Soccer, cycling, reading, and cross-stitch with her family and friends fill the rest of Katie’s time and her heart.

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About FinanSynergy®

Using innovative technology FinanSynergy® has developed a model for accounts receivable management for our clients that makes collecting money easy and unobtrusive for all parties. Today, postal mail sits for days without being reviewed and phone calls are ignored due to spammers. So how can we collect the money owed to you quickly? Look at the devise in front of you…we email statements and send text reminders. Our clients have seen payments coming in 25% faster with fewer bad debt write offs – or discount adjustments.

Curious yet? Our Bookkeeping/Accounting services provide a solid foundation allowing business owners understand where they are before they decide where to go and how to get there. Bankers, investors, advisors all want to know what your business looks like today before they look forward to guide your future. FinanSynergy® is committed to guiding your business towards sustainability and growth.

We use QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and other client specific accounting software to best serve our clients.