Benefits + Small Business = Big Business

As I enter the time of year to evaluate employee benefits and as the NEW owner of an existing business that currently doesn't offer health insurance, the expense will be most likely considerably more. I get this. I want the best employees, I want productive employees, and I want to show the world - MY [...]

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Provisions of the American Health Care Act – Part 1

Effect on Patients and Businesses The American Health Care Act rolls back individual requirements to carry health insurance. Two provisions of the AHCA would be retroactive to December 31, 2015 include: Individuals would not be penalized for being uninsured The Act would eliminate the employer mandate to provide coverage without a financial penalty Other provisions [...]

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Working Remotely

There is a strong case to be made for both you and your employees to work remotely. The average travel time to work (commute time) in the United States is 25.4 minutes. This of course depends on location here is a link to a great time-wasting tool that shows commute times throughout the United States [...]

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Pay Transparency

How many times have you come out a salary negotiation when accepting a new job wondering if you are really being paid fairly? What happens when you know what everyone around you is making? Survey says…you are more satisfied with your job. As a manager having a discussion with an employee about their wage might [...]

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Who is Patient Zero in Your Office?

Last week was rough.  Many deadlines, many ball games and practices for kids, and I was sick. How many employers say "don't come to work if you are sick!" I work in the healthcare industry so of course they don't want sick people around patients.  I am in a completely separate office building doing all [...]

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