Empowerment with Flexibility and Honesty

Today I sit and write from my home office looking at the change colors of our small forest. Such a beautiful time of year. A time of year with many moving parts. Soccer has ended. For many, winter sports are starting. We prepare ourselves, and with family, and friends for the upcoming holidays and changing [...]

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I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough…

Clients, colleagues, friends, family, all people you come into contact with will judge you. First impressions are critical. You might dress nice or drive a nice car, but that is not what people are judging. Stand-up straight, smile, and give a firm handshake.  Practice walking with books on your head - good posture.  Don't slouch...wait [...]

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Women in Small Business

Going through the motions of creating a business plan is an incredible journey. I am a very methodical person by nature as an accountant.  However, I am tapping into my right side of my brain for creative innovation to find a niche in the vast market of small businesses and nonprofits I want to serve. [...]

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

"Keep your eye on the ball" has been repeated numerous times as I sit here at my nine-year old's baseball game. This phrase is applicable in every walk of life. Babies learning to grab objects need to concentrate on the object they are trying to lift. Musicians need to watch their director to make a [...]

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Railroad Crossing

This morning I was stopped at a train crossing. I had been running ahead of schedule,  unusual for a Monday. Instead of cursing I found solace in the moments of stillness. Sure I checked my phone as everyone did around me, but I also tapped into the entrepreneurial side of me. I have increased the [...]

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