Outsourced  CFO – Chief Financial Officer

FinanSynergy® operates as a part-time Chief Financial Officer for your business. We specialize in business collaborations to develop a detailed roadmap for your business expansion. We are financial experts, and know the importance of a thorough financial evaluation every month. We serve as your business’s own personal advisor. FinanSynergy® is available to assist with identification of revenue growth opportunities by evaluating expenses and documenting strategies for reducing expenses in order to increase revenue.

Here is a full list of CFO services we provide for your business:

  • Business owner or executive director collaboration
  • Create a roadmap for growth
  • Financial statement reviews
  • High level financial forecasting
  • Attend and present at Board of Directors meetings
  • Identify revenue growth opportunities
  • Identify expense reduction strategies
  • Identify products and services that have a positive financial trend
  • Recognize “loss leaders” that are needed for referrals or feeder products/services
  • Evaluate purchasing methods to maximize savings
  • Coordinate with outside consultants to provide reliable financial data


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*Cost for project services will be quoted based on size and scope of project