There has been a lot of discussion of uncertainty in the wake of the election. The markets were up and down and then up again. On Wednesday, I saw the election results, continued to head to a 7am meeting. During that meeting I gave my resignation from my full-time position. I have always worked FOR [...]

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Bleeds…and Psycho Geometrics

Over the past few months I have been laying the foundation of my start-up business.  Research, business coaches and advisors, incubator-type of groups etc.  I have learned about my target market and what they actually need. Most of this came from a) asking my target market personally, or b) asking bankers - who I perceive as [...]

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I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough…

Clients, colleagues, friends, family, all people you come into contact with will judge you. First impressions are critical. You might dress nice or drive a nice car, but that is not what people are judging. Stand-up straight, smile, and give a firm handshake.  Practice walking with books on your head - good posture.  Don't slouch...wait [...]

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Railroad Crossing

This morning I was stopped at a train crossing. I had been running ahead of schedule,  unusual for a Monday. Instead of cursing I found solace in the moments of stillness. Sure I checked my phone as everyone did around me, but I also tapped into the entrepreneurial side of me. I have increased the [...]

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